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Our Story

Highness Electrical Services was started in 1981 as a venture focused on meeting the needs of clients and partners.


Our clients gave us unique challenges outside our comfort zone – Like changing the entire plumbing of a building without affecting supply to existing residents – And we responded with creative solutions that were ahead of their times.


Adapting to the marketing conditions over the years has led Highness into a variety of interesting projects – from Condominium fittings, to MRT stations including City Hall, Outram Park and Tanah Merah. Working on these projects armed us with critical skills and experiencing – and now we handle projects from power supply to mechanical to air conditioning electrical services.


Over the years, we focused on increasing our grading from L1 to L5 and acquired the ability to bid for larger projects. And we do participate in tenders to compete with other contractors for new projects. But our strength is still relationships and we are more than happy to partner with other larger contractors.

Although we have over 41 years of experience under our belt, and many stories to tell from our work with clients and partners, our history is still being written. We are excited about our work in the future. We look forward to the next chapter in our story.

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